My Disney dream... 

I dream my life in color... that's the secret of happiness...

Since my earliest childhood, I bathed in the Disney universe.

Large family of collectors and all the big fans of Disney, a dream was born... the ability to one day open a site that will be proposing to the other fans derivatives and objects of collections. because I can't keep everything for me I share my finds on this site and offers them for sale so other fans can complete their collection.

DisneyShop Collection It is therefore: 

  • A site exclusively for Disney products
  • Disney collection objects
  •  Only products of opportunities
  • Behind this screen of big Disney fan just like you! 

I would like a review that this site is a unofficial site of Disney merchandising and DisneyShop Collection is in no way affiliated with the Walt Disney Company and its other subsidiaries. 

DisneyShop Collection is a site of products which articles have already served or were taken out of their packaging.

Questions / answers

"Why this site? Because being me same Disney collector (I collect stuffed animals, dishes doudou, the snow globe, figurines, and all those what I crack); I know experience that the beautiful rare pieces that Disney offers more for sale are often items that can be found second-hand"
"Where is what I find all these articles? "in private homes, on the empty granaries or second-hand them"
"My dream? DisneyShop Collection to become the largest site of Disney products"